Water Analysis Applications

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Lonestar Applications–Partial List

Metaldehyde in Water

Lonestar offers rapid detection and monitoring of metaldehyde at concentrations low enough to meet the European and UK regulations for pesticides in drinking water. Lonestar can be operated on site by non-specialist personnel to monitor water for metaldehyde in only a matter of minutes.

Waste Water Analysis

Waste water treatment by bacteriological biodegradation is used to treat waste water streams (e.g., pharmaceutical, environmental bioremediation). Excesses of some solvents in the waste water can poison the microbes–reducing their efficiency. Consequently there is value in being able to quickly measure concentrations of these critical solvents so they can be pretreated/diluted to protect the bacteria.

Detection of Geosmin, Fuels, and Contaminants in Water

Monitor drinking water supplies to detect geosmin, fuel (diesel/gasoline/petrol), metaldehyde, and other chemical contaminants. Using Lonestar analyzers, utilities can mitigate contamination incidents and avoid taste/odor complaints. Combat tightening regulations and terrorist threats, and reduce the costs of supplying consumers, industry and food manufacturing. See the instrument work in the video.

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