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Gen-Sys is a modular system for generating precise and traceable calibrated gas standards or relative humidity.

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Precise, Modular, and Tailored to Your Needs

GEN-SYS is a modular system for generating precise and traceable calibrated gas standards or relative humidity. Since the products work stand-alone, or in tandem, you combine and buy only the subsystems you require: they are supplied in a rack that holds up to three systems, side by side.


OVG-4 Calibration Gas Generator

The OVG-4 is a compact, cost-effective calibration gas system, which generates high-accuracy, NIST traceable calibration gas standards.

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V-OVG Calibration Gas Generator

The V-OVG features a bigger, vertically mounted oven for multiple non-standard permeation sources and an easier-to-use digital split flow meter.

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OHG Humidity Generator

The Owlstone Humidity Generator (OHG-4) is a versatile humidity generator that is used to produce a range of relative humidity concentrations from 1 to 90%RH (±1%).

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OFC Flow Controller

The Owlstone Flow Controller can be fully integrated into your GEN‑SYS modular system for secondary dilution and ultra-low concentrations. It works alongside our calibration gas and humidity generators.

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Gen-Sys Products Resources

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Humidity Conversion Calculator

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OVG-4 and V-OVG Concentration Calculator

The equation used by this concentration calculator has been shown to be accurate to +/- 5% for a 10 degree temperature change and should be used as an approximation only.

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Gas Cylinder Cost Calculator

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