The detection of chemical hazards is a critical responsibility of health/safety professionals and first responders. OwlSens-T provides rapid detection capability for a large number of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs).

  • Man portable
  • Customizable libraries
  • Reprogrammable
  • Non-radioactive ionization source
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OwlSens-T Is a Powerful TIC and VOC Detector

Monitoring airborne contamination in your buildings and other infrastructure is critical to maintaining the health and safety of your employees, checking ambient pollution levels, or ensuring the security of designated areas.

In addition, OwlSens-T detects common Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) at concentrations well below NIOSH's IDLH specifications.

Incorporating Owlstone’s unique chemical detection technology, the system offers the flexibility to provide both rapid alarms and improved sensitivity. It can be trained to respond to a broad range of chemical threats.

  • Sensitivity

    Typical sensitivity at parts-per-billion detection levels combined with inlet control for high dynamic range

  • Selectivity

    The technology has double the analytical window of conventional ion mobility based systems

  • Software

    OwlSens-T can be programmed to detect a broad range of Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

  • Integration

    Easy integration of other sensor data and control of third-party systems

  • Remote Monitoring

    Network and wireless connectivity for remote monitoring and operation

  • Man Portable

    Ergonomic carry handle for man portability. Options available for vehicle mount and fixed site

  • Easy to Use

    Operable by non-specialists with less than one hour's training

  • No Hazardous Materials

    System uses a non-radioactive (non-RAD) ionization source

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OwlSens-T's Technical Specifications

OwlSens-T is the first-of-its-kind next-generation broadband chemical detector — capable of detecting more hazardous chemicals at ultra-trace levels than any other single detector.

  • Technology

    Rapid Thermal Modulation Ion Spectrometry

  • Ionization Source

    Patented non-radioactive source

  • Dimensions

    12 × 18 × 8″ = 30 × 46 × 20 cm

  • Weight

    15.8 lbs = 7.2 kg

  • Mounting

    Wall mount (bracket included)

  • Housing

    Rust-resistant stainless steel

  • Ambient Temperature

    0 to 40°C

  • Operating Humidity

    0 to 95%RH (non-condensing)

  • Scrubber life

    3 months

  • Power Requirements

    13A, 120—240V AC, 50—60Hz

  • Comms interface

    TCP/IP (Ethernet)

  • Dry contacts relay

    3A, 240V AC (50-60Hz) / 48V DC

  • Electrical compliance

    EN61010/UL61010, EN61326 + EN61000

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