The Owlstone Humidity Generator (OHG-4) is a versatile humidity generator that is used to produce a range of relative humidity concentrations from 1 to 90%RH (±1%).


Designed to be mounted in the Gen-Sys rack, the OHG-4 can be used in conjunction with your OVG-4 or V-OVG to generate a wide range of vapor standards, suitable for calibration of sensors, especially gas sensors.

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OHG-4's Technical Specifications

  • Humidity, upper limit

    >90% RH

  • Humidity, lower limit

    1% RH depending on inlet gas

  • Wet gas outlet flow range

    300–3000 ml/min (different flow ranges available upon request)

  • Gas


  • Inlet pressure

    40 psi

  • Inlet fitting

    1/4” Swagelok quick connect

  • Outlet connection

    1/8” Swagelok compression

  • Power supply


  • Current rating

    0.5 A

  • Dimensions (OHG only)

    145w x 240d x 260h mm

  • Dimensions (GEN-SYS rack inc. OHG)

    620w x 530d x 360h mm

  • Mass (GEN-SYS)

    15–25 kg depending on configuration

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