Chemical Detection Intelligence

Sensors are revolutionizing our lives. They’re making vehicles smarter, homes safer, and factories more efficient. Owlstone delivers an electronic sense of smell to everyday life, so that we can monitor the chemical world around us.

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Lonestar Savings Calculator

In process control, the decision to use Lonestar will depend on whether cost savings can be achieved through detection. Use our calculator to find out how much Lonestar can save in your process.

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Top 5 Methods for Generating Calibration Gas Standards

Calibration gases for testing chemical detectors can be generated by a variety of means. The five main dynamic methods are outlined here.

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Gas Cylinder Calculator

Find out how much gas cylinders are costing you with our interactive tool.

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OVG-4 and V-OVG Concentration Calculator

The equation used by this concentration calculator has been shown to be accurate to +/- 5% for a 10 degree temperature change and should be used as an approximation only. Download excel file.

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Humidity Conversion Calculator

Convert between relative humidity, dewpoint temperature and water vapor concentration at given values of temperature and pressure.

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Calibrating your own Permeation Tubes

Watch our video on Permeation Tube Calibration.

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Build your own Permeation Tubes

Everything you need to start making your own permeation tubes.

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FAIMS: An Emerging Technique for Food & Beverage Safety, Process Monitoring & Quality Control

We have compiled a guide to using FAIMS (Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry) for applications in the food and beverage industries. FAIMS is a modern analytical technique that allows the rapid detection and quantification of a wide range of chemical analytes. FAIMS can be used to analyze extracted samples or used to make continuous measurements, making it ideal for both quality control and process monitoring.

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