FAIMS: An Emerging Technique for Food & Beverage Safety, Process Monitoring & Quality Control

We have compiled a guide to using FAIMS (Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry) for applications in the food and beverage industries. FAIMS is a modern analytical technique that allows the rapid detection and quantification of a wide range of chemical analytes. FAIMS can be used to analyze extracted samples or used to make continuous measurements, making it ideal for both quality control and process monitoring.

This 100 page ebook gives a straightforward introduction to FAIMS technology for food and beverage professionals. It also presents 11 case studies that demonstrate just some of the wide range of possible applications for FAIMS in the areas of:

  • Food beverage quality control safety process monitoring
  • Process monitoring – directly observe the evolution of a process by monitoring the presence of absence of particular compounds. Ideal for brewing, for instance.
  • Cleaning validation – analyze clean in place rinse water to check for the presence of unwanted compounds.
  • Materials screening – Check the quality or provenance of incoming raw materials such as spices. Bring the Lab to the Loading Dock!
  • Quality control – e.g. ensuring a consistent flavor profile.
  • Plant air monitoring – Using potentially harmful ingredients such as diacetyl? Ensure the safety of your employees by monitoring the composition of your plant air.

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