Owlstone Inc., in Partnership with UTC Aerospace Systems, Awarded the Only Department of Homeland Security Contract to Develop a New Handheld Explosives Detector

Published on 18 Dec 15

Norwalk, CT, December 18 2015: Owlstone Inc., in partnership with UTC Aerospace Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp., (NYSE: UTX) announced today it was awarded the only contract by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to develop a new handheld explosives detector. The mandate of DHS’s new Next Generation Explosives Detector (NGED) program is to fund development of a new family of explosives detection solutions for detecting a wide variety of explosives at levels of extreme sensitivity. Upon program completion, it is anticipated that new NGED products will be deployed across infrastructure including airports and government buildings, replacing existing equipment, and will lead to new deployment scenarios as well according to the performance requirements exceeding existing market offerings.

Using patented technology originally developed by Owlstone for ultra-fast chemical separation and detection of ionized products to meet needs in chemical warfare agent (CWA) detection and medicine, the new advanced explosives detector will demonstrate significant improvements in the performance parameters of explosives detection including extreme sensitivity (probability of detection and limits of detection) and false alarm rates. After the NGED program’s request for proposals from industry in March 2014 to address and satisfy DHS’s new required standards, Owlstone partnered with United Technologies and was chosen for funding. As DHS’s only contract to develop a new handheld explosives detection system, the system is projected to be a critical tool in delivering advanced and portable detection capability against the new generation of threats.

Widely recognized within the defense industry as a prime contractor for diverse product and systems arrays equipping air, ground, and naval platforms, UTC Aerospace Systems is a strategic partner for Owlstone in bringing its cutting-edge detector technology to market. In entering the prototype phase, the system will continue to refine features enabling field portable compact configurations, low power requirements, simple operation, non-specialist use, and reprogrammability. “We are proud to be partnering with UTC, a company with a strong and vital presence in some of the most important military platforms in service today. We look forward to bringing this exciting new explosives detector into service together in support of DHS’s important homeland security and lifesaving missions,” said Bret Bader, CEO and Director of Owlstone.

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