Medtech Insight: "Owlstone Medical is leading the charge on breath analysis"

Published on 11 Dec 16

Owlstone Medical is featured in issue 25 of Medtech Insight. The article titled " Can New Wave Of Tests Finally Nail  Early Diagnosis Of Lung Cancer?" , highlights Owlstone Medical's leading position in breath analysis technology.


"BREATH TESTS FOR EARLY DETECTION Owlstone Medical is leading the charge on breath analysis for early detection of lung cancer with the 3,000-patient LuCID study (Lung Cancer Indicator Detection) underway at 21 sites in the UK. The company’s CE-marked ReCIVA test collects volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the patient’s breath in a proprietary collection device, then analyzes them for evidence of early cancer with its microchip sensor technology called FAIMS (Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometer). The LuCID study is collecting data to determine ReCIVA’s sensitivity and specificity. In the race to develop a breath test, Owlstone had a key advantage: its parent company Owlstone Inc. originally built FAIMS to  sniff out chemicals for military and security applications with $71m in funds. The company then reprogrammed its software to detect different chemicals for lung cancer, spinning out Owlstone Medical in March 2016. England’s National Health Service has funded the LuCID trial with £1.1m. With an anticipated commercial release in 2017, the company is still working on regulatory approval, including in the UK and Europe."