Which institutions lead the field in FAIMS-MS research in 2017

Published on 21 Feb 17

FAIMS-MS technology is used by academic, corporate and government researchers. But who publishes the most FAIMS-MS papers? We have analysed the professional affiliations of authors that have appeared on FAIMS-MS papers and visualized the data in the form of an interactive tree diagram. If you're interested to know how this has changed in the last 5 years,  take a look our blog post from 2012, where we did the same analysis .

This 'tree' diagram is a multi-layered area plot. The top layer displays the percentage of FAIMS-MS papers with authors from academic, corporate, government institutions - the larger the area of each block the larger the number of authors in that institution type.

If you left-click on one of the top layer blocks, the chart displays the publishing institutions categorised as that type i.e. if you click the 'academic' block it will take you to an area chart of FAIMS-MS publishing universities. The area of each block depends on the number of FAIMS-MS papers that have been published by authors affiliated to that institution.

Click the chart to see the top institutions in each sector . To return to the top layer, simply right click on the chart.

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